Fathom Fund

Enabling the next scientific revolution.

We help technical founders build category-defining companies.

Where we invest

Fathom Fund is venture assistance for breakthrough innovation.

How we invest and support

We prefer to invest in technology platforms at the pre-commercialization or early commercialization phase where technical and scale-up risk remains. Our ideal founders are ambitious leaders with significant operating experience and strong technical backgrounds.
  1. Technical Imagination


    Our preferred founders are scientists and engineers with a radical new approach. These founders often envision products that cut across multiple markets or envision new markets that wouldn't otherwise exist.

  2. Uncommon Rigor


    We do rigorous technical diligence, aided by an extensive network of subject matter experts and industry leaders.

  3. Thesis Driven


    We start with an intuition about when and how disruption will happen, while learning from our founders. We do independent research and share our views openly.

  4. Open Access


    Our partners are business and government leaders across the sectors we invest. While our primary focus is on companies raising their first institutional round, we are positioned to provide assistance at all points in a company's life cycle.